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Adult Steelhead Passage at The Dalles Dam

The objective of this project was to estimate adult steelhead downstream passage rates through the sluiceway and turbines and characterize approach behavior at The Dalles Dam (TDA) sluiceway.


    li>Khan F, GE Johnson, and MA Weiland. 2009. Hydroacoustic Evaluation of Overwintering Summer Steelhead Fallback and Kelt Passage at The Dalles Dam 2008-2009. PNNL-18590, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA.
  • Khan F, MA Weiland, and GE Johnson. 2009. "Evaluation of Adult Salmon and Steelhead Downstream Passage Through the Sluiceway and Turbines at The Dalles Dam During the Winter 2008/2009." Abstract submitted to American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN.  PNNL-SA-64489.


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