Roza Screens

The Roza Screens are located in the Roza Canal on the right bank of the Yakima River at river mile 127.9. The facility consists of 27 rotary drum screens (17 ft in diameter and 12 ft in length) in five screen bays (7 screens in the upstream bay and 5 in each of the other four bays). The fish bypass system includes five fish bypasses. A separation chamber with four bypass water recovery pumps is located behind vertical traveling screens. A fish return is also present. At the maximum canal flow of 2000 cfs, the forebay elevation is about 1220.8 ft. Adjusting weir gates in each of the fish bypasses controls flow through the fish bypass system and the fish return. Of the 250 cfs of fish bypass flow (50 cfs through each fish bypass) during normal operation, 20 cfs flows through the fish return and 230 cfs (57.5 cfs for each of the four pumps) is pumped back to the canal.