The Gleed Ditch screens are located on the left bank of the Naches River near Naches, Washington. The current Gleed Ditch fishscreen facility replaces screens that did not meet design criteria for the protection of juvenile and adult anadromous fish during canal diversions.

The facility now consists of four vertical traveling screens, each 6.6 feet wide and 10 feet long. The stainless steel, continuous belt screen material is made from 14 gauge wire and has 5 loops or openings per inch (horizontal) and 1.5 openings per inch (vertical). The openings are 1/8 inch wide by 5/8 inch long. Because it is constructed of continuous-looped (spiral) wire, the openings are staggered so that the loops overlap. For a fish to be entrained, it would have to pass diagonally through the screen. Because of the new criteria dictating 3/32-inch openings, the Gleed screening material will be changed to a plastic belt material that meets the new criteria for the 1998 season (Easterbrooks, pers. comm.).

No bypass is required at this site since the screen is located at the entrance to the diversion.

Additional pictures of Gleed Site: