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Mobile Aquatic Barotrauma Laboratory (MABL)

The Mobile Aquatic Barotrauma Laboratory (MABL) is equipped with 4 hyper/hypobaric chambers which are used to simulate rapid decompression that occurs as fish pass through turbines at hydroelectric dams. The MABL resides in a 32-ft trailer that can be transported to field sites. The unit is powered by standard electrical power or a generator. The MABL can also be coupled with a water treatment trailer. This trailer is equipped with a sand filter, UV sterilizer, chiller, gas injection system, and holding tanks.

Each hyper/hypobaric chamber is equipped with high speed cameras and standard video cameras connected to a digital video recorder (DVR). Images can be used to view expulsion of gas, tags or transmitters, and behavior during rapid pressure changes. LabVIEWs Virtual Interface (VI)is used to monitor and control the hyper/hypobaric chambers.

MABL trailer Hyperbaric chamber Visual Interface


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